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Since we are in market for more than 30 years and dealing with more than 500’ clients. Our team is reliable in providing a service that will ensure customer satisfaction.
As business opportunities grow in size and complexity in Lebanon, our team who is consistently engaged in a variety of high profile deals, work hard to offer a good satisfaction for our client.

The team behind OJM petroleum has a well-developed network of experienced distributors around Lebanon. Our authorized distributors must meet stringent requirements related…

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Petroleum is necessary for a great number of human needs. Today, petroleum is mostly used as a source of energy, being rich in combustible carbon in the production of electricity…

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The basic idea of LPG is simple. If you’re far from a gas main (the ordinary system of natural gas supplied to buildings through a network of pipes), simply get your gas from a large fixed tank…

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About OJM
In 1986 Mr. Mohammad Othman started his petroleum distribution business. He took a loan and bought a vehicle with 6000 liters capacity. At the beginning of his work it was a one man show. He was the driver, the worker, and the manager. He used to drive to any building and ask the genitor if there is anyone who needs diesel oil in the building. Building after building his work grew. In 1987 and due to the Lebanese civil war he stopped working. In 1992, he restarted his work. At that time he also bought about 20 barrels and distributed them on shops that have burned oil as a waste. He took the oil and sold it to factories. This was a profitable transaction.
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